My 20 years experience and continual education is my strength as a massage therapist. The foundation of my work is deep tissue fascia. Fascia is a fiber-fluid matrix which is the basis of our body's structural integrity. I combine and blend a range of deep to light touch therapies, and can incorporate hot/cold techniques to deepen and support your massage experience.

Hydrotherapy is the use of water in all forms, tepid bath, steam, cold pack, mineral water. I have studied cultures from around the world to understand the use of hydrotherapy in healing and medicine. Hydrotherapy techniques I use include hot and cold application of stones and fomentations. I can also guide you in hydrotherapy techniques you can utilize at home. Many of these techniques come from my internship with Poland Springs Health Institute, Poland Springs, Maine.
LaStone therapy incorporates heated stones by gently and strategically placing the stones on and around the body or using them in my hands as a massage tool. Depending on your needs I might blend cooled stones to produce a powerful hydrotherapy effect. I learned this particular hot/cool technique in Bad W├Ârishofen, Germany, home town to Sebastian Kneipp, father of hydrotherapy. I originally learned the use of heated stones from Mary Hannigan, the originator of LaStone Therapy.

Maya Abdominal massage focuses on the abdomen and sacrum This therapy supports and deepens our relationship to our core. It is especially effective for neck, shoulder, and low back complications. Maya Abdominal Massage addresses complications of fertility, female reproductive organs, male prostrate gland, complications with menses and menopause. I studied Maya Abdominal Massage under Dr. Rosita Arvigo, DN, the founder.


A luscious experience! Like sitting at the beach on a sunny day. The infrared wave length provides a gentle heat that detoxifies the body and promotes tissue health. It is a very different experience not to be compared to a traditional Finnish Sauna.