In the spring of 1991 I graduated from Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy which at the time was located in my hometown of Manitou Springs, Colorado. I moved east, landing in Bethel, Maine to work for Hurricane Island Outward Bound School. Bethel seemed a great environment to offer massage, and here we are 20 years later.

In the beginning of my career I studied under four brilliant teachers who individually and collectively set the foundation of my massage work. Each of these teachers is an author and renown leader in their field. The hundreds of hours I spent under their mastery resulted in the underpinnings of what I continue to teach and use every day in my massage therapy practice..

These teachers are:
Tom Myers - Rolfer and originator of KMI: Kinesis Myofascial Integration
Dean Juhan -Trager practitioner and instructor
Dr. James Oschman PhD - Biologist and teacher of Energy Medicine
Caryn McHose - teacher of evolutionary movement

Additional influences to my massage practice are my exploration of spa cultures from around the world. My education includes extensive studies in medical and medicinal based spa culture of Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, and New Zealand. In North America I have traveled to most all of the spa towns that have, or once had, medical significance using hydrotherapy (use of cold and hot waters) and balneotherapy (use of mineral waters) for health and healing.

Another important aspect of my career has been my 20 year relationship with National Training Laboratories (NTL) here in Bethel, Maine, their summer campus for the past 60 years. NTL has introduced me to the most current theory in organizational development, conflict resolution, diversity, change, and systems thinking. Over the years I have explored how our body's systems can teach a person a great deal about any system (i.e. organizational system, community system, family system...). I teach from the premise of reuniting the brilliance of our mind with the wisdom of our body. And I continue to ask, "does the way in which we are in "our system" effect "the system"? I am available as a training consultant for employee wellness seminars, workshops or programs.

Through out the year I offer Belly Dance classes focusing on inherent movments that govern our body. I believe that belly dance in not something we need to learn, but rather something we simply need to remember.

~ Bringing the Brilliance of your Mind to the Wisdom of your Body ~

Therapeutic Massage with Janet Willie, LMT